Tala rasa Hellas and Back 1999

tala, rasa, Hellas and back’

East to West, ancient to modern – the duet draws inspiration from the moods, stories and rythmic patterns of Ancient Greek and Sanskrit. Contemporary and classical Indian dance are woven together to create a work of diverse movement and emotions.

Choreographed by Liz Lea and perfomed with Renata Smenda, Gilli O’Connell, Ayesha Hicks and Shamita Ray

Music composed by Sarah Goldfarb

Design by Gabriella Csanyi Wills

the absolute knockout of last season is blessedly back… a clever devious work for two…the doppelganger effect is quite unnerving

The Australian,  1999

“ Lea was a stand out… an impressive exploration of tone and quality…deceptive ease, loads of style”        Dance Australia, Feb 1999

“undeniable sensuality”      The Stage (UK), Feb 1999


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