Dhiva 2004

Comic and tragic juxtaposed in a wildly theatrical work.


Liz commissioned Canadian/Indian choreographer Roger Sinha to create a work that provokes and investigates cultural dissonance created by the collision of East and West. The rhythmic elements and beautifully expressive elements of Indian dance are combined with the athletic physicality of contemporary dance to create a work that is high energy, grounded in consciousness and audaciously risk taking.


The piece waves together Roger’s experience as an Armenian Indian based in Montreal with Liz’s reality as a non Asian British Australian specialising in Indian movement forms.


Choreographed by Roger Sinha


Performed by Liz Lea


Music by Nick Parkin and Delibes


Lighting by Karen Norris

‘Dhiva was a splintered study of identity, authenticity and hybridity newly fashioned for Lea by Roger Sinha, a British-Asian choreographer now living inCanada. It dealt wryly with the cross-cultural (con)fusion — some say appropriation — of non-Asian artists from St Denis to Lea herself. Frantic yet precise, she scrambled the lunging stamps and angular gestures of South Asian dance with cartoon mugging and whiplash exasperation. A good start to a promising season’.                 The Times, London, 2004


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