Mugam’s Secret 2000

Photo Andrew Fisher

A tale of desire and expression…. Mugam was a secret language developed in the Sixteenth Century to express forbidden desires. It was a language for men. In this work accompanied b a passionate score a woman takes up the challenge, revealing the unexpected and playing with convention. Classical Indian and contemporary with playful intent and deadly accuracy.

Choreographed and performed by Liz Lea

Costume by Elissa Ferguson

Lighting by Joseph Mercurio

“ a challenging piece of drama with a willful edge”                           The Australian, May 2000

“ Lea combines classical Indian and contemporary technique in a style that is all her own…impressive attention to detail and a balance of stillness and action, the meditative and the dramatic…her strongest work yet”                                               Sydney Morning Herald, May 2000

“ an amazing solo performance”                                              St Petersburg Times, August 2000


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