Livid Land 2003

dancers; Liz Lea and Patrick Harding Irmer

A subtle, powerful work inspired by the inner and outer landscapes of the body within the Australian landscape. Four dancers meet, collide and merge in a work of contrasts.

Enhanced by experiences of Australian landscapes the work is inspired by paintings, poems, writings, the landscapes of the body and the effects of nature.

Australia’s vast landscapes have developed us as a nation and in particular created a nation of very physical dancers. We have a huge country, wide spaces, open skies,  spending most of our lives outdoors. Livid Land is a work created mainly outdoors which retains the scope of human relations,

Directed by Liz Lea and performed by Catherine Goss, Patrick Harding Irmer, Nell Andrew and Liz Lea

Lighting by Joseph Mercurio

Music composed by DJBC and Liberty

Design by Gabriella Csanyi Wills

Created with a Second Stage Choreographic Fellowship from the Australian Choreographic Centre, Canberra

Performed at The Choreographic Centre, Canberra and Lennox Theatre, Riverside, Parramatta.


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