Auroura – Bluebird’s younger sister

Bluebird has flown around the world and is very much on my mind as she is not with me but I am staying in the most beautiful place with peacocks everywhere and she is not here with me… however, she has inspired a new creation – Auroura. A gold, younger version of Ms BB who was created in 2004 after I was inspired to cover the stage in red silk while watching a performance in Brazil. I was persuaded against red and blue she became.

Auroura is in answer to the opening of the new Tagore work I am making on the Natrani company here in Ahmnedabad – all about the seasons of the weather. Based around poems, songs and music of the great Rabindranath Tagore.

We open in summer and I figured it might be stunning to open with the stage covered in gold silk and be pulled up into a huge Baroquesque skirt, a la Bluebird.

And so, after much thought I went a shopping… over 50 meters of silk and organza later with a good amount of ribbon also, I started cutting and sewing. By hand sewing her first I knew the tailor would not have a heart attack and just be able to follow what I had done. He still things me mad and all look at going as if to say, love, you do not need that much material for a sari to look good…

The dogs approve…


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