Ritu Chakra; Darpana 2011

I arrive in Ahmnedabad, early Monday morning after  sleepless night in Mumbai airport – who’s idea to arrive at 1.30am and then catch a 8am flight? Hmmm loving being back in India, if feeling some trepidation – I have spent many years in and out of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan with my own work and also living with my folks. However, in 2008 – 09 I lived in Goa with my then partner and was set on a new life based there, children, clothes design and a new vision.

It was not to be and this is my first time back… was met at Ahmnedabad airport and brought to Darpana to see old faces and friends and then taken to ‘The Retreat’ where I will stay. I stayed here 12 years ago on my first visit in 1999. How amazing to be back and to be back in the same beautiful house.

Work began the next day…


One thought on “Ritu Chakra; Darpana 2011

  1. how strange to see all this again – exciting and alien, wistful and clear – all at the same time.

    I do hope you have had a great time, and that you are artistically and personally satisfied. Can’t wait to hear from you, and see you of course

    May 2012 be one helluva year for us.

    Huge Hug


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