120 Birds articles – May 2012

We have just had runs in Canberra at The Street Theatre and Riverside Theatres in Parramatta. Articles about the show below;





making Auroura with Delhi Belly…

Ok, Delhi belly without having been, as yet, to Delhi. OMG with it all and the sudden running out of rehearsals. Everyone is very polite but good grief. Nearly as bad as the technicolour yawn. But faaaaabulous for loosing pounds if walking around in a completely wobbly daze is you thang. Sewing Auoura was possible but the pics show that am not my normal youthful delightful self. At least the lovely Kumari looks lovely!

classes in Bangalore at Just Dance – 21 – 26 November 2011

I flew into Bangalore from Ahmnedabad on Monday, had a coffee and chocolate cake at the airport then ventured into a taxi and headed into town. Staying with the lovely Rii and family. The lovely Just Dance team have set up workshops for me in the evenings. Most who came had not danced at all so i needed to completely break everything don – to brave of them to come, get into the spirit and get on with it. A visit to the pub afterwards and planning for 2012 made a great first day.

Next day they all came back so we continued and began making a phrase which was fun. Much talking deep into the night. Tomorrow is shoping for shoes for 120 Birds dancers, sight seeing and getting this blog up and running…