back in Canberra

Having just worked with the Small Miracles Company directed by Crossroads Arts in Mackay I have just returned to Canberra to pick up the reigns of Canberra Dance Theatre and take up the role of Choreographer in Residence at CSIRO Discovery.

The Small Miracles company are an amazing group of people with disabilities who have created a wonderful work called Whiff which we presented at the Mackay Festival over 4 days. Directed by Steve Mayer Miller is tells the story of Max, who makes perfume and saves the day. It is a heart lifting, funny and touching tale beautifully directed and performed, starring Brendan Borellini who is both deaf and blind. I am honoured to have worked with such amazing artists.

Back in Canberra with jumper on, looking for a place to settle and looking forward to new juices flowing….


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